Friday, November 19, 2010

Historic Norfolk and Virginia Beach Photo Collection

Large Private Collection Now Available On The Web

Business has been focused on Virginia for 17 years, emphasis is now Historic Photographs of Hampton Roads cities.

Construction of New Cape Henry Light

Munden Point Norfolk Southern Mail Train 1918 
Princess Anne Hotel  c.1908

Surf Beach Club at the Cavalier, Sunday Tea Dance 1940

17th Street in 1946

Virginia Beach Safety Patrol Class

Virginia Beach Public Library 1911

Virginia Beach Boardwalk circa 1928

Locals with their Longboards

Oceanfront in 1915

Cavalier Hotel Aerial Photo Taken In 1972

Downtown Norfolk, Main St at Granby Street

Rices Department Store and the Norva Theatre

Chesapeake Bay in Ocean View, Frozen in 1938

Ferris Wheel at Ocean View Amusement Park

Kidde Train, Ocean View Amusement Pk

A Very Busy Granby St near the Norva

Halloween Night 1933 at the Norva Theatre

The Granby Theatre, Now Showing: "Dangers of Marijuana"
There is a studio in Virginia Beach that houses thousands of old photographs of the local area. If you frequent local restaurants and retail stores, you've probably caught a glimpse of the collection. 

Local business owners have found the pictures, with a decidedly local flavor, illustrate the historic significance of Hampton Roads. The photographs have become so popular that I've turned the focus of my business, Virginia Images Photography, to the historic images.

It's been five years since I acquired a collection of aerial photographs, taken between 1964 and 2004. Combining the aerial photos with the contemporary work I produce, makes for a selection of images that I am proud to offer to our clients.  Add these scenes of the area, captured by local photographers since 1901, truly rounds out the selection. 

The photographs I'll show you here are just a glimpse of some of my favorite areas of the Beach, but keep in mind that there are so many photographs of Virginia Beach and Norfolk, that I could post a bog a day with a dozen images, and it would take twenty years to get them all up on the web. 


To visit the studio, see more information below!

If you frequented the Waterside in the 1990's you'll remember the photography my gallery that was on Waterside's second floor. We've moved twice since 1998, first to Hilltop in Virginia Beach (1998-2005) and then in 2005, to the Lynnhaven Mall area.

The new facility allows the production of everything from 8" x 10" prints for collectors, to 33" x 115" wide murals for display in local hospitals, convention centers, auto dealerships, schools, businesses of all types, and of course private homes.  Last year we began producing art murals, printed on canvas, that have the look and feel of oil paintings. The canvas is coated, eliminating the need for glass, which from a visual standpoint, is a big advantage. No glare, lightweight panels are easy to install and easy to care for.

With thousands of photographs printed and on display, picture and history buffs may want to plan ahead, leave the kids at home and allow an hour or more for a visit to the studio.

This time of year (Nov - Dec) we're in the gallery a lot, but I still suggest calling ahead before you visit, we're not always in the studio. Normal hours? Usually 11:00am to 5:00 PM Monday to Friday, others hours, weekends, appointments etc can be arranged by calling 757 425-3110. 

We're located at 847 Seahawk Circle Suite 101, Virginia Beach, 23452.  Off International Parkway, just east of the intersection at Lynnhaven Parkway


  1. This is pretty, I love it. I can't wait to see more.

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  2. absolutely beautiful. I love the old pictures of Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Alot of my history

  3. New Facebook page featuring Virginia Beach and Norfolk History photographs -

  4. Thank You Subarna! It is great to get feedback from readers. We are trying very hard to update this page, but BLOGGER has made it impossible for me to recover my admin tools or log into this old account.
    I would like to let everyone know that we are no longer on Seahawk Circle, have been trying to make this change since 2015. We operate as a web based business now, taking orders from our website and meeting directly with customers at their offices or home. Our phone number remains the same (757) 425-3110, the oldest phone number (757) 468-1193 we would like to disconnect. However outdated information is nearly impossible to change across the entire internet so we do still have that phone as well. THE BEST PHONE # to call is 757-425-3110 and visit us at