Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last Party at Duck In Virginia Beach

Last Party At The Duck In
Virginia Beach Photo By Tim Rudziensky
June 2, 2011

There it sits, on Shore Drive, the gazebo from the old Duck In.
Six years later and the site is empty, except the gazebo stranded
on the beach. An ocean breeze and ghosts of the past, whistling
through the structure that was once the go to spot on Friday nights.

I pass the Duck In everyday as I drive across Shore Dr., and
just about every day I think of those Friday night parties. If
you've been there, done that, then you can feel my pain. There
was a mystical quality about that beach, catching up with good
friends, a cool breeze with a brew in hand.

Sure there are other establishments to patronize, the Shore Drive corridor still has it's bars and restaurants, but none with the ambiance of the Duck In. This was a special place, for a very long time.

I didn't attend that last party, August 14th 2005. It was a Sunday night, and Jimmy Buffet was rumored to be making a surprise appearance. Even with that possibility, I opted for a quick helicopter flight to capture the action as the sun set on this popular icon. A piece of Virginia Beach died that night.

My pilot Keith Smith phoned and convinced me this was a must have photograph. He was right, as of this writing, my gallery still offers three or four different photos of the "Last Call".  Here are two of the best sellers.

While I can't offer you a beer on the beach, I suggest you stop by the gallery at 847 Seahawk Circle - Suite 101, in Virginia Beach, and check out the 16x20 prints that are in stock. Call ahead if you'd like to stop by early or late in the day, as a photographer, I am often out chasing the light.

Parting - Partying Shot -  are you in this photo?

Visit to see more of my Virginia Beach Landmarks

Hope to see you soon!
TIm Rudziensky
Virginia Images Photography

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