Friday, September 25, 2009

Old Norfolk Photos - Norfolk VA History in Vintage Pictures On-Line

Once a week or so, my phone will ring and the voice on the other end is asking about some old photo of Norfolk that was spotted in a restaurant somewhere downtown. I smile a little inside when they ask if we
have anything of old Granby Street, or the Norva.

For the last twenty years I've been gathering old photographs of Norfolk and Virginia Beach. Not just ordinary photos, I look for images that show daily life in these cities. Photographs that give the viewer an idea of what made Norfolk's Granby Street and Virginia Beach's Atlantic Avenue so popular.

There are thousands of old photos in private collections, but many are family photos and are not of broad interest.

The photographs I've concentrated on show familiar landmarks, or public places that bring back memories to those over age 30. To younger generations the photographs give a glimpse of places Grandpa took little Susan on a hot summer afternoon. What long time Norfolk resident does not remember summers at Ocean View Amusement Park?

During the 1940's a trolley ran along Granby Street, transporting thousands of citizens to the amusement park. This photograph shows the old trolley terminal at the top of Granby Street.

Many sailors would take the trolley while on Saturday leave from the nearby Norfolk Navy Base.  This was the place to be, especially in the 1940's. A day at the park was a day away from the war.

How many of my readers will remember the Rocket, the roller coaster at the amusement park? There are many photographs of the park in our collection, including the Kiddie Train, an aerial view and a color photograph of the explosion during the making of the final film that was the demise of the park. Visit our gallery in Virginia Beach to see them all, or visit our website and look for the Historic Hampton Roads Photo Gallery.

Currently there are approximately 50 Vintage Norfolk Photos in the collection. You can see some of them by visiting this page on my website:

We can reproduce the [photographs as murals, on paper, canvas, wallpaper, art paper and photo paper. If you've found your way to this blog, you owe it to yourself to visit our Virginia Beach location. If you are a corporate client, restaurateur or gallery owner, call us and we'll come to you.

Our gallery offers the photos several ways. If you are looking to saved a buck or two, buy just the photo and frame it yourself. If you want more personalized service, or have a corporate job to do, we are happy to assist ion any way we can. From print selection and placement, to printing, mounting, laminating and framing, we do it all. All work performed in house, on time and within budget! Big Claim? Not really, we do it all the time. If you are looking for something extra special, ask to see the new Gallery Wraps - an all Canvas product that does not use a traditional frame.

Phone 757 425-3110. Our Normal office hours are 10 to 4 Monday through Friday. Other hours happily arranged by appointment. Located at 847 Seahawk Circle Suite 101 Virginia Beach VA 23452. Please call ahead before driving to our location! I operated retail galleries for 15 years, and now I'm free to take pictures at will ! My point? We're not always in the office!! Call Ahead - thanks!

Tim Rudziensky
Virginia Beach Photographer
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FYI - We also have an equally impressive selection of Old Virginia Beach Photos - see my next blog in a few days!!


  1. Would you have any images of Lafayette Elementary School on Tidewater Drive? I went there from 1964 to 1970, but have no pictures of it. :(

  2. looking for pics of Northside park or other pics close to that area 30 years or older. I believe I bought one of your photos. Areal of Tidewater and little creek facing north.