Saturday, September 26, 2009

Virginia Beach Surf Classic Art Photo Canvas Edition

Photographer Tim Rudziensky
has issued a
Limited Edition of 25 Canvas Prints
of the 2009 photograph titled
"Bay Motion"

Captured on the Chesapeake Bay during the summer of 2009, this stunning image is of gentle Chesapeake Bay waves at sunset. The photographer found a location that allowed him to shoot almost into the direct sun as it set over the Bay. The golden tone is not a photoshop effect, it is the natural light on a hot summer evening. Taking advantage of high tide at sunset on a clear evening, combined with a 800mm lens and a fast shutter speed allowed the photographer to capture this extraordinary image. The canvas edition is available in two sizes 24" x 36" wide and 32" x 48".
Both sizes can be framed in a variety of frame mouldings.

Contact the photographer by email at or by telephone (757) 468-1193.
The studio is located near Lynnhaven Mall at 847 Seahawk Circle Suite 101 Virginia Beach VA 23452
NOTE: From September through November the studio is staffed mainly between the hours of 11:00 am and 4:00 PM. The photographers typically travel more frequently during this time. Call ahead to be sure someone is there!  Already know what you want and just need to place an order? Place the order online at

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